Restaurant inspections for Dec. 6

Staff report

Comments are taken directly from the latest Thurston County inspection reports, which are available at each food establishment, at the Thurston County Environmental Health Office and their website at co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehfood. For questions concerning these reports, contact the health office at 360-867-2667.

Reading inspection scores:

▪ Attention should be given to the type of violation (red versus blue) and whether the restaurant has a history of red violations or repeat violations.

▪ Red violations are those most likely to cause food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately if feasible or according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: not keeping food at the right temperature.

▪ Blue violations relate to the overall cleanliness and condition of operation and must be corrected according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: a worn floor that needs replacing.

Tacos La Esquinita

430 Legion Way SE, Olympia

Dec. 1: 5 red; 0 blue

Comments: Glass 3-door cooler in kitchen is slightly warm, 43 degrees. Adjust colder immediately to 41 degrees or less. Thermometers inside are accurate.

Left Bank Pastry

916 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia

Dec. 1: 10 red; 0 blue

Comments: Hot water turned off at hand sink. Fix drip in hot water and turn on immediately. Water must be 100 degrees minimum.

Bangkok Thai Restaurant

700 Sleater Kinney Road SE, Suite C2, Lacey

Nov. 29: 25 red; 5 blue

Comments: Approximately 2 quarts of cooked brown rice in covered plastic tub being stored at room temperature. Must be hot-held at 135 degrees or greater, or cooled at 2-inches food depth. Correction made: Placed in metal pan, put in heated oven at 250 degrees.

Drain-line of dishwasher does not allow it to fully drain causing dirty and soapy water to recirculate during sanitizing rinse. Cease use of machine until fixed, and manually wash and sanitize all dishware, utensils and equipment.

Happy Teriyaki VIII

2915 Harrison Ave. NW, Suite #205, Olympia

Nov. 28: 25 red; 8 blue

Comments: Pan of rice on counter is 69 degrees. Rice must be 41 degrees. Correction: Discarded. Do not keep foods on counter.

Meat thawing in tubs on floor still frozen. Thawing must be done in cooler, running cold water or oven/microwave. Correction: Placed in cooler.

No thermometer in “Pepsi” cooler with eggs. Corrected.

Tenino High School Gym Concession

500 West Second St., Tenino

Nov. 28: 10 red; 10 blue

Comments: Hot dogs, still heating up, at 115 degrees (must be 135 degrees before serving). Cheese sauce at 137 degrees; stir frequently. Hot dogs in single glass door fridge, 43 degrees; they should be 41 degrees or less. Try turning thermostat down.

No bleach chlorine test strips at concession stand. Provide bleach chlorine test strips as soon as possible.

No monitoring thermometer for fridge. Provide as soon as possible.

This was the first concession stand use of season. All workers preparing, serving food, need to obtain food worker cards within two weeks.


715 Plum St. SE, Olympia

Nov. 22: 35 red; 3 blue

Comments: Container of diced lettuce, 68 degrees unrefrigerated, has sticker marked “use by 11 a.m.,” however it was after 3 p.m. No log or timer was used. “Time as a control” not properly used though perishable diced lettuce was out only 20 minutes, proper procedure requires accurate sticker use, giving “use by” or discard times four hours after refrigeration, and discard at marked time.

Small cooler above sandwich assembly line, sliced tomatoes, salsa both 51-52 degrees, and 41 degrees is maximum. As with the diced lettuce, stickers not correct and not followed. Correction: Both foods discarded.

In the four-door cooler, burrito mix, salsa and cheese were 50-51 degrees. The maximum is 41 degrees. Correction: Moved to working cooler. (This is a repeat deficiency from July 2016). Don’t use until serviced. Email or call inspector when both coolers repaired.

Gloves stored below de-greaser. Correction: Moved. Note: Place McDonald’s “Wash hands, workers” sign at sink in restrooms.

Safeway #543

4700 Yelm Highway SE, Lacey

Nov. 22: 0 red; 2 blue

Comments: Plexi-glass splash shield at hand sink and food sink drain board is unattached. Correction: Repair in seven days.

Pilot Travel Center

2430 93rd Ave. SW

Nov. 20: 0 red; 5 blue

Comments: Shield or chute in left side ice machine must be cleaned and sanitized to remove mold and mildew growth. Clean and sanitize at least every 30 days.

McDonald’s #4722

1325 Marvin Road NE, Lacey

Nov. 7: This is a follow-up on the Sept. 11 inspection which had 95 red; 7 blue

Comments: Improper hand washing (repeat violation). Observed employees improperly washing hands. Employee handled raw burger with blue-gloved hands, removed gloves and placed new blue gloves on and handled ready to eat food. Employee placed gloves on without washing hands. Employee washed hands for less then required 20 seconds. Correction: Management/person in charge will actively manage risk factors. Ensure employees are washing hands as required.

Food worker card not valid (repeat violation). Correction: Obtain valid Food Worker Card by Nov. 22.

Inadequate hand washing facilities (repeat violation). Rear hand sink doesn’t have paper towels. Note: Store absent of replacement/restock. Correction: Ensure hand sinks are stocked at all times. During the inspection, management was called to deliver paper towels.

Raw meats stored with pre-cooked mushrooms (repeat violation). Correction: Prevent potential cross contamination. Store separate and away from ready-to-eat foods. Mushrooms were voluntarily discarded.

Improper use of time as a control (repeat violation). Foods not properly stickered or maintained. Correction: Ensure machine is properly functioning. Ensure times are monitored and food is properly handled. Machine fixed.

Note: Another re-inspection is required. Five of the six previous high-risk violations were repeated. Observed absence of active managerial control of high risk factors as facility is short-staffed (again).

No violations found

▪ Occasions Catering (1615 State St. NE, Olympia)

▪ Rainier High School Gym Concession Stand (308 Second Ave., Rainier)

▪ Sushi Kyo (1908 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia)