Restaurant inspections for Jan. 2

Restaurant safety is a three-way partnership with customers, owners and inspectors

Thurston County health inspectors and restaurant owners work together to ensure 250,000 customers are eating safe every day.
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Thurston County health inspectors and restaurant owners work together to ensure 250,000 customers are eating safe every day.

Comments are taken directly from the latest Thurston County inspection reports, which are available at each food establishment, at the Thurston County Environmental Health Office and their website at co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehfood. For questions concerning these reports, contact the health office at 360-867-2667.

Reading inspection scores:

Attention should be given to the type of violation (red versus blue) and whether the restaurant has a history of red violations or repeat violations.

Red violations are those most likely to cause food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately if feasible or according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: not keeping food at the right temperature.

Blue violations relate to the overall cleanliness and condition of operation and must be corrected according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: a worn floor that needs replacing.


3205 Martin Way

Dec. 27: 30 red; 0 blue

Comments: Quat sanitizer, 300 ppm. Glassware machine, sanitizing rinse. One pan of chowder cooling at food depth greater than 2 inches and at 72 F. Must cool foods at 2 inches and reach 70 F in two hours. Corrective action: Chowder reduced to proper depth with another pan. Some employees without food worker cards. Must have copies on premises. Obtain cards in two weeks.

McDonald’s #4722

1325 Marvin Road NE

Dec. 26: 50 red; 12 blue

Comments: Food worker card unavailable. Correction: Ensure valid food worker cards available upon request. Obtain by Jan. 11. Improper hand washing. Employee did not wash hands before placing gloves on after changing tasks and did not wash hands after removing gloves and changing tasks twice. Correction: Properly wash hands as required when required. Reviewed hand washing and glove use with manager. (CDI - rewashed hands.) Inadequate hand washing facilities. Hand sink used to fill and dump water pitcher. Restroom sink 76 F water and 10 seconds run time. Correction: Prevent potential contamination, use hand sink for hand washing ONLY. (CDI - wash pitcher.) Repair restroom hand sinks to provide 100-120 F for 15 seconds minimum. Correction: Ensure product in cold holding is 41 F or lower. Thermometer absent in cold hold unit. Correction: Provide and use. (CDI - thermometer placed in unit.) In-use sanitizer cloths on counter. Correction: Place in-use cloths in sanitizer. Ice machine interior dirty with mold-like substance. Correction: Clean and maintain. Physical facilities not maintained. Food debris and residue at exits, floors littered with food and boxes. NOTE: Manager to review glove SOPs and train staff. Re-inspection required.


1110 College St. SE

Dec. 26: 25 red; 5 blue

Comments: Room temperature storage of potentially hazardous food. Half and half on counter near drive through 43 F. Correction: Store potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 F or 135 F or above. Do not store PHF at room temperature. (Reviewed options such as insulated carafes.) Thermal test strips not available for thermal sanitizer. Correction: Provide and use.


4131 Martin Way E

Dec. 26: 0 red; 5 blue

Comments: Test kit/strips unavailable for thermal sanitizer. Correction: Provide and use.

Rite Aid #5280

8230 Martin Way E

Dec. 21: 10 red; 5 blue

Comments: Improper cold holding of potentially hazardous food. Milk and ham above 41 F (milk 47-48 F, ham 48 F) in walk-in refrigerator. Correction: Maintain potentially hazardous foods at or below 41 F. (Remove PHF in walk-in from food sales/service.) Temperatures not taken, unknown length of time out of temperature. Inadequate equipment for temperature control. Walk-in ambient temperature 48 F. Correction: Cease use for cold storage of potentially hazardous food until repaired and able to maintain 41 F or lower food temperatures. Notes: Re-inspection required, fee billed at time of inspection.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

5312 Littlerock Road SW

Dec. 21: 5 red; 8 blue

Comments: Sani-bucket at 200 ppm quat. Several food worker cards missing. All food workers must obtain valid food worker card within two weeks of hire. Correction: Obtain within two weeks. Prep sink half full of thawing chicken under small stream of water. Frozen foods must be thawed using an approved method (i.e. completely submerged under running water). Correction: Decrease volume of chicken thawed at one time and ensure flow of water is adequate to cover all surfaces of product. Raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat salad mix. Raw animal proteins must be stored below and away from ready-to-eat foods to prevent cross contamination. Corrected: Eggs moved. NOTE: When cooling noodles with an ice bath, log temperature and times (can be on paper on white board, etc.) to ensure foods reach 70 F in two hours and 41 F in six hours. NOTE: Ensure all potentially hazardous foods are held at 41 F and below at all times. Shredded cabbage at topping/stir fry station will be stored in prep top from now in, not on ice. NOTE: Ensure newly delivered food in boxes are moved from floor in walk-in to a rack 6 inches off floor as soon as possible after delivery.


1050 Plum St. SE

Dec. 20: 0 red; 5 blue

Comments: Outside thermometer on tall two-door cooler is not working. Place thermometer inside within one week.

Falls Terrace

106 Deschutes Way SW

Dec. 20: 10 red; 0 blue

Comments: Like last inspection, sliced cabbage counter-top cooler is too warm, 48 F; 41 F is maximum. Correction: Iced metal larger container with cover used.

Wok & Teriyaki House

2533 Marvin Road NE

Dec. 19: 60 red; 3 blue

Comments: Improper cooling of potentially hazardous food. Noodles in closed top plastic bags, prepared Dec. 18, 43-47 F. Correction: Properly cool by an approved method/s only. (Reviewed time and temperature cooling requirements and shallow pan use). (CDI - voluntary discard of all noodles.) Removed improperly cooled from sale/service. Correction: Do not store potentially hazardous foods at room temperature, maintain at or below 41 F or 135 F or greater. Recommend under refrigeration unit near order window. (CDI - rapid chill.) Correction: Ensure foods in cold storage are maintained 41 F or lower. (CDI - rapid chilled.) Thermometer/s absent in cold holding unit. Correction: Provide and use. Correction: Properly store in-use utensils as required and reviewed. NOTE: Operator has replaced approved table where rice cookers are stored and used with laminate table. Laminate does not handle heat and dampness. Replace at time of failure. Recommend employee storage area (maybe by back door). RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED.

Las Palmas Jarochas

909 Sleater Kinney Road SE

Dec. 19: 0 red; 2 blue

Comments: Floor tiles throughout store are cracked or broken. Replace and repair within one year.

Vante’s Inferno

Mobile unit / 5705 Littlerock Road SW

Dec. 19: 65 red; 17 blue

Comments: PHF, freezers, frozen. Improper hand washing. Staff did not properly wash hands after changing tasks. Staff conducted food prep, handled money, returned to food prep without washing hands. Correction: Properly wash hands with soap and warm water at an approved and stocked sink for 20 seconds minimum as required when required (e.g. when changing tasks). Inadequate hand washing facilities, hand sink inaccessible. Plastic storage cabinet in front of hand sink, sink basin inaccessible, pitcher in basin. Correction: Maintain hand sink accessible at all times. Prevent potential contamination, use hand sink for hand washing ONLY. Properly re-wash pitcher. Relocate storage cabinet. (CDI - sink accessible.) Correction: Maintain PHF at or below 41 F or at or above 135 F. Do not store food at room temperature. (CDI - rapid chilled.) Correction: Maintain PHF in cold holding at or below 41 F. Inadequate equipment for temperature control. Only prep unit not properly functioning to maintain required cold holding temperatures. Operator placed ice packs in bottom of unit. Correction: Repair unit to maintain foods at or below 41 F or replace unit with proper and approved unit. As unit is only prep table available, cease operation until able to operate as approved. Sanitizer not made at time of inspection. Correction: Maintain sanitizer in food prep area as required. Food and non-food contact surfaces improperly constructed/used. Soiled cardboard and cardboard boxes used as food containers and surfaces. Correction: Provide and use smooth, easily cleanable and non-absorbent materials. Remove cardboard. Physical facilities not properly maintained. Excessive debris on counters and shelving, walls/ceiling visible buildup. Correction: Maintain clean and organized. NOTE: Observed sliced and cut tomatoes. Did not see packages in refrigerator. Verify sources as per approval. RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED. Operator self-closed to repair refrigerator.

Meconi’s Italian Subs

5221 Lacey Blvd. SE

Dec. 18: 5 red; 5 blue

Comments: REPEAT: Improper cold holding of potentially hazardous foods. Sliced tomatoes covered in plastic tubs 43-44 F in two-door upright unit. Correction: Maintain PHF in cold holding at or below 41 F (CDI - rapid chilled). Inadequate equipment for temperature control. Bottom of prep unit 44 F ambient. Ice visible on vents. Correction: Remove PHF from unit bottom until repaired. (CDI removed.) NOTE: Ensure utensil handles do not contact food. NOTE: Provide additional shelving or relocate some of the bag-in-the-box containers. NOTE: Observed frozen chili, ensure cooling is properly conducted. Re-inspection required due to repeat red (critical) items.

Bar Francis

110 Franklin St. NE

Dec. 14: 10 red; 0 blue

Comments: “Surub” fruit drink (cranberry, plum, etc.) is sold in pressure-cap bottles without proper labeling (weight, place made, ingredients, etc.). This product must be made in a health department (or Washington State Department of Agriculture) inspected facility. The present worker and owner must cease sale of this product immediately by order of health officer. Per a September 2017 email from Michael E., a signed commissary agreement and espresso stand sketch were to be sent; none yet received. Email inspector if you need more blank forms. You can repair white home-style refrigerator but if you need to replace it, replace only with a commercial “merchandiser” cooler.

No violations found

Gull Harbor Mercantile (4932 Boston Harbor Road)

Safeway #1173 (1243 Marvin Road NE)