Restaurant inspections for April 17

Restaurant safety is a three-way partnership with customers, owners and inspectors

Thurston County health inspectors and restaurant owners work together to ensure 250,000 customers are eating safe every day.
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Thurston County health inspectors and restaurant owners work together to ensure 250,000 customers are eating safe every day.

Comments are taken directly from the latest Thurston County inspection reports, which are available at each food establishment, at the Thurston County Environmental Health Office and their website at co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehfood. For questions concerning these reports, contact the health office at 360-867-2667.

Reading inspection scores:

Attention should be given to the type of violation (red versus blue) and whether the restaurant has a history of red violations or repeat violations.

Red violations are those most likely to cause food-borne illness and must be corrected immediately if feasible or according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: not keeping food at the right temperature.

Blue violations relate to the overall cleanliness and condition of operation and must be corrected according to a compliance schedule established by the health officer. Example: a worn floor that needs replacing.

The Brick on Trosper

709 Trosper Road SW

April 11: 5 red; 5 blue

Comments: Half-and-half in bar under counter cooler at 43 F. Potentially hazardous foods must be held at 41 F and below. Correction: Adjust unit to maintain adequate temperatures. Chlorine test strips for bar dish washer not available. Test strips must be used to verify sanitizer concentration. Correction: Obtain and use. Ensure employees use gloves properly to prevent bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. One handed glove use is not recommended. Floors on cook line require and increase in cleaning. If condition deteriorates to the point they are not cleanable, they will need to be replaced. Monitor gasket on walk-in door as it is becoming loose and may affect unit temperature.

Emperor’s Palace

400 Cooper Point Road SW

April 9: 60 red; 8 blue

Comments: Pooled egg wash is under counter prep cooler (pooled from cracked shell eggs for later use, per PIC). Except eggs that are used in batters or pooled immediately before cooking, raw eggs may not be pooled. Corrected: Egg wash voluntarily discarded. Rice, fried chicken and BBQ pork observed cooling in bus tubs at a depth of 72 inches and at room temperature. Cooked foods must be cooled using an approved method (i.e., under refrigeration at a depth of 2 inches or less in an ice bath with cooling logs or with an ice wand with cooling logs). Corrected: Foods immediately moved back into pans to be re-heated to 165 F and cooled correctly. Food temperatures recorded between 90-125 F and had not been out for longer than two hours, per PIC. Rice, fried chicken and pork (same as previously mentioned) observed cooling at room temperature. Potentially hazardous foods must be stored at either 41 F and below or 135 F and above, or time as a control may be used with a written plan in place. Corrected: Foods all reheated to 165 F and cooled in 2-inch pans (see violation #16). Gyoza and egg rolls in one-door upright True reach-in at 44 F. Potentially hazardous foods must be held at 41 F and below. Correction: Adjust unit to maintain proper temperatures. Large prep sink full of thawing chicken not under running water or submerged observed. Frozen foods must be thawed using an approved method (i.e., fully submerged under running water or under refrigeration). Corrected: Frozen chicken not submerged moved back to freezer. Several wiping cloths stored on counter. Sani-bucket sanitizer tested at greater than 200 ppm and 0 ppm chlorine. Wiping cloths must be stored in sanitizer when not in use. Chlorine sanitizer must be held at 50-100 ppm. Correction: Wiping cloths moved, refresh and test sanitizer. Re-inspection required.

O’Malley’s Lounge

2200 Garfield Ave. NW

April 9: 5 red; 12 blue

Comments: Five food worker cards missing. All food workers must obtain valid food worker cards within two weeks of employment. Correction: Obtain within two weeks. Raw eggs stored over ready-to-eat/lower cook temperature foods (potatoes) in walk-in. Food in walk-in and freezer stored less than 6 inches off floor. Raw animal proteins must be stored below and away from RTE foods. Foods must be stored at least 6 inches off the ground. Correction: Eggs moved, increase storage height. Mold build up observed inside of ice machine. Food contact surfaces must be maintained and cleaned. Correction: Increase cleaning frequency. Coving in multiple areas missing, wall behind dish drying rack damaged/moldy, wall corners close to walk-ins and dish pit missing, build up/severe deterioration of floors observed in mop room/chemical storage room. Floor tiles missing on freezer walk-in threshold. Physical facilities must be properly maintained and cleaned. Correction: Facility is planning on repairing/remodeling dish pit area, which will effect hand wash sink. Please contact inspector with finishing schedule, proposed equipment changes and any other proposed changes PRIOR to starting the project. Work order currently out to repair hand wash sink in bathroom (employees only). Hot water available but currently leaking so it is not in use. Employees must use alternate facility restrooms until hand wash sink is repaired. Ensure all foods are discarded within appropriate time frame when stored (check dates more frequently). Lighting is not currently shielded, but all bulbs are in shatter resistant coating.

Nisqually Valley Brewing Co.

704 W Yelm Ave.

April 4: 20 red; 0 blue

Comments: Missing soap, paper towels at bar hand wash sink as well as hand wash sign. Provided paper hand wash sign. Recommend laminate or put in sheet protector or seal before posting. Correction: Provide hand wash soap. Note: Unisex toilet room needs covered receptacle as do women’s toilet rooms. Provide in 30 days. Still have not received plan review or semi-annual operating permit fees yet. Issued a re-inspection notice, payment due now.

Bayview Market Place (food service establishment permit)

516 Fourth Ave. W

March 15: 30 red; 0 blue

Comments: Baked chicken pieces on tray (right side of warmer nearest walkway) were 125-128 F. The minimum is 135 F. Corrected, reheated. Trays of food moved to hot section of middle and some removed. Don’t put in cooler edges away from lights. In “meat chub” display case, middle of chubs as high at 44 F. Correction: Coil replacement already scheduled for this cooler section on March 21.

No violations found

B&B Market (7706 Old Highway 99 SE)

Country Corner Market (10020 U.S. Highway 12)

Pac Ocean Wild Fish (9024 U.S. Highway 12)

Rochester Fruits (9402 U.S. Highway 12)