Green Lady Marijuana scores fresh supply for grand opening in Olympia

Olympia’s first legal recreational marijuana outlet has apparently solved its supply problem.

Green Lady Marijuana hosted its grand opening celebration Friday at 3044 Pacific Ave. E. Like other new pot shops in the state, Green Lady has encountered a few bumps while getting started. Although the Olympia store opened nearly two weeks ago, a reliable supply of marijuana finally became available this week, co-owner Mike Redman said.

“We were just kind of holding back in the beginning, but we’ve stayed open every day,” said Redman, who anticipates an abundance of marijuana and lower prices this fall as growers in Eastern Washington harvest their crops. “The cool thing is how excited everybody is when they come in.”

Also like other recreational shops, prices are higher when compared with what’s available in medical marijuana dispensaries and on the black market. Green Lady’s prices ranged from $17 for a single-gram baggie to $85 for 3.5 grams of the high-end Blue Dream strain, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The prices include all taxes, which Redman said add up to about 72 cents for every dollar.

Other strains on the shelf Friday included Nine Point Sugar, Opal OG Kush and Copper Kush, along with vapor pens called JUJU Joints. Sativa strains are reputed to deliver cerebral highs, while indica strains are reputed to deliver more sedative effects.

Green Lady also sells a variety of pipes, bongs and vaporizers. Redman said he hopes to eventually sell marijuana-infused sodas and edibles.

As per state law, customers can buy up to 1 ounce of marijuana at a time. With a DJ playing stoner-friendly tunes outside, more than 30 customers lined up at noon Friday and filled Green Lady’s waiting room. Guest vendors on site included Tamale Fusion, Cobb’s homemade treats and Olympia Juice Company.

The first customer in line was Connie Miracle, who was visiting the region from Bullhead City, Arizona. She learned about Green Lady through an online search and was thrilled to buy a pre-loaded vapor pen and 1 gram of Copper Kush, among other items.

“I couldn’t wait,” she said, holding up a tiny glass pipe that customers got for free. Customers also got a free pack of rolling papers and a free peanut butter cup from Cobb’s.

Olympia resident Jadine Cook waited outside and snapped photos while her friend from California made his purchase. She said the tax benefit from marijuana, at least for now, is a mixed blessing.

“It’s about time they got some taxes out of this stuff. It went untaxed for years,” she said. “But it’s too overtaxed. It’s like they’re punishing people.”

Cook’s friend, Carey Leviss, said he looked forward to some pain relief after kayaking all day Thursday. His home state of California has not legalized recreational marijuana, but Leviss is confident that the next ballot measure will pass.

“I don’t want to buy an illegal product,” said Leviss, who strongly supports widespread marijuana legalization. “I don’t want to support a Mexican drug cartel.”