Downtown event draws trick-or-treaters, despite rain

Rain and flood warnings couldn’t keep pint-sized witches, superheroes and princesses inside Saturday afternoon.

Instead, trick-or-treaters took to the streets of downtown Olympia, collecting candy and showing off this year’s costume.

“We don’t mind the rain too much,” said Diana Lanning, of Olympia. “We’re used to it.”

Lanning’s daughter, 1-year-old Dahlia Lanning, dressed as a pig for Downtown Halloween Fun, hosted by Mixx 96.1. Trick-or-treaters were given a map of participating businesses and tasked with searching for zombies at different locations.

“Every year this event attracts more and more colorfully-dressed kids and their parents, who tell us how much they value it for its safety and friendliness,” said station manager Toni Holm.

The Lannings walked around downtown businesses with Richele Akers and her daughters.

Amelya, 4, dressed as Wonder Woman. Her older sister Kaitlin, 9, decided not to wear a costume and donned a raincoat instead.

“She’s going as Rain Girl this year,” Akers said.

This is the first time the group has participated in Downtown Halloween Fun. Akers said she and the girls typically trick-or-treat in their neighborhood instead.

“We still might go out tonight,” Akers said. “We’ll see how the weather looks. I heard it might be worse tonight.”

Kelsi Minerd of toy store Captain Little, said the rain hasn’t kept too many families away. She handed out candy with her co-workers, who dressed in matching Jem and the Holograms costumes.

She said most people don’t recognize the costumes, which come from a 1980s television cartoon. The show was recently made into a movie.

“Most people think we’re space girls, which is still fun” Minerd said.

Some of the trick-or-treaters embraced the weather and used their costumes as protection from the rain.

“I saw one kid dressed as R2D2,” Minerd said. “He was completely enclosed and dry.”

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