In case you missed it...

Last week’s most read story was about a fatal shooting in Idaho.

1. Rancher’s wife: ‘I saw them murder my husband’: The family of an Adams County rancher involved in an encounter with two sheriff’s deputies says the deputies killed him in a “completely unjustified” shooting.

2. Police: Couple killed in SUV during sex; shooter sought them: A man and woman found in a Philadelphia park fatally shot in an SUV were having sex in the back seat and their killer sought the couple out, police said.

3. Mason County deputies find infant buried in yard near Shelton: Law enforcement began investigating late Monday night after a 17-year-old female was examined at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia for an unknown medical issue. The hospital reported to Olympia police that the female appeared to have given birth sometime in the previous 24 hours, but she denied having been pregnant.

4. Tumwater man accused of beating woman with hammer: Kenneth Thomas Wilson and the victim were lying in bed when he accused her of texting another man. The victim rolled over and did not speak to Wilson. He left the room and returned with a hammer, then started hitting her with it.

5. Three Otton grandchildren representing Tumwater in state playoffs this weekend: Kennedy Croft, a sophomore, is one of three Otton grandchildren attending Tumwater. Kylie Otton, a senior, and brother Cade, a junior, are the other two. And all three will compete for state titles this weekend — again.