Shelton police increasing patrol hours to target distracted driving

Shelton police are targeting distracted drivers in an effort to reduce collisions and related injuries, the department wrote in a release Tuesday.

A grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission is funding the increased patrol hours, which focus on distracted driving, the release says. The two organizations share the common goal of reducing traffic fatalities and eliminating serious injuries related to distracted driving by 2030.

The Shelton Police Department will apply for addition grant funding in 2018, the release says.

During the first five days of December, officers have made more than 109 traffic stops, issued 53 infractions for distracted driving, arrested seven and issued two DUI citations.

A ticket for distracted driving is $136, but it doubles to $235 on the second distracted-driving citation.

Lauren Smith: 360-754-5473, @smithlm12