New podcast to focus on the disappearance of Tenino’s Nancy Moyer

Signs asking for help to find Nancy Moyer were posted throughout Thurston County after her disappearance in 2009.
Signs asking for help to find Nancy Moyer were posted throughout Thurston County after her disappearance in 2009. Olympian file photo

Wednesday marks 10 years since anyone saw Tenino woman Nancy Moyer. A new podcast centering on her life, disappearance and the theories surrounding her vanishing will be launched.

James Baysinger, creator of the podcast “Hide and Seek,” said his fascination with Moyer’s case was preceded by a lifelong interest in mysteries.

True crime programs like Dateline were captivating for him and his family. So when podcasts – episodic stories told in an audio format – started delving into the true crime genre in more recent years, Baysinger was instantly hooked and wanted to try the format himself.

Baysinger, from Kennewick, started combing through open cases across Washington in search of one that could serve as a topic. When he found Moyer’s case, he was struck with at how bizarre and unexplained her disappearance remains. He also found her story relatable: She had split with the father of her kids and was a single mom during the week.

Moyer was last seen March 6, 2009. She was 36 at the time. Moyer’s disappearance has been ruled a no-body homicide.

“I was a single dad for a while, so it kind of hit at home for me, and I thought, you know, these kids have grown up without their mom. I can’t imagine my son growing up without me or his mom,” Baysinger said.

On March 8, 2009, Moyer reported that he found the front door of her home open. Her car was still parked in the driveway and her purse was still in the house.

nancymoyer (2)
Nancy Moyer has been missing for 10 years.

“Nancy has not had any activity, bank account information, family contact. She basically disappeared from the earth,” said Detective Ben Elkins with the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in a 2016 interview. Elkins inherited the case a handful of years ago.

Baysinger said he’s interviewed Elkins for the podcast, along with neighbors, co-workers and friends of Moyer. But he has run into dead ends when trying to score interviews with other potential sources.

“It’s frustrating. It’s extremely frustrating, because as you’re investigating this girl’s life, you’re trying to put yourself in her shoes and her situation and the relationships she had and … I didn’t expect it to be this emotional, honestly,” he said.

Baysinger works as an insurance agent, so he’s been getting help from a private investigator and someone well versed in audio recording and editing.

Episodes of “Hide and Seek” will be released weekly. Baysinger’s got enough material for the first four or five episodes, and will continue releasing them until the story has reached its natural conclusion. He had a vision of between eight and 10 episodes total, but he said he’s not fixed on those numbers.

A trailer for the podcast was released online in February, Baysinger said.

By releasing some episodes now, he hopes that the podcast will gain some traction, and that other people who might know something about Moyer’s case will contact him.

“If it’s true, then I need it, and I’m not saying I’m going to put it on my podcast,” he said, saying that he’s willing to hear people’s stories without using their names.

Baysinger also said he will visit Tenino from March 14-18 to talk to locals and record interviews. He encouraged anyone with something to share to contact him.

“It would help a lot because I feel like the only way that we’re going to figure out Nancy’s story and know the truth is people talking,” he said.

Baysinger can be reached at 509-551-8787 or by email at

The first episode of “Hide and Seek” will be online Wednesday, March 6, on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, Soundcloud, Tunein, Stitcher and Podbean.

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