After last year’s cat killings, another case has cat owners worried

A year after cats were found dead and mutilated across Thurston County, two recent cases have local cat owners worried.

Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a neighborhood east of Lacey on Sunday night after someone found a cat’s head stuck on a chain link fence around a retention pond, along with part of a missing cat flier.

This was at the corner of Rockcress Drive Southeast and Milbanke Drive Southeast, southeast of the Regional Athletic Complex (RAC).

“I think it’s obvious a human did that, put the cat up there,” said Sgt. Roland Weiss of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

It was not clear how the cat died. The county’s animal control agency is investigating, Weiss said.

Meanwhile, Olympia police are investigating after part of a cat was found on Hawthorne Place Southeast last month.

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A veterinarian could not determine if the cat was killed by an animal or human, Lt. Paul Lower said Friday, noting neighbors had reported seeing a coyote in the area around that time.

The case remains open.

“It’s a matter now of learning what happened at other agencies and seeing if there are clues or leads that develop,” Lower said.

The Olympian reported last year that 13 cats or parts of cats were found between January 2018 and September 2018. In some cases, the spines were removed and remains were left in public places.

At least five of the 13 turned out to have been killed by other animals, said Detective Carrie Nastansky with the Sheriff’s Office, who investigated last year’s cases.

On Friday, she got another report of a cat found dead. That one turned out to have been hit by a car.

“Unfortunately everybody is on the edge again,” Nastansky said.

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