High bail set for teen accused of firing shots at North Thurston High School

A Thurston County Juvenile Court commissioner set bail at $500,000 for the 16-year-old boy accused of bringing a gun to school and firing it into the ceiling and floor.

The teen, a student at the school, was arrested at North Thurston High School on Monday morning by Lacey police officers.

He appeared Tuesday before Commissioner Lynn Hayes and is being held at the Thurston County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Because he is a minor, The Olympian will not release the teenager’s name.

During the hearing, Hayes found probable cause for five proposed charges: theft of a firearm, felony harassment, possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful discharge of a firearm. She also authorized a 72-hour mental health hold, during which he will undergo a mental health evaluation.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Wayne Graham said that the teen stole a .357 Magnum pistol from his father and brought it to school in a duffel bag. The gun was loaded with hollow point bullets.

Graham said that while the boy was standing on the second floor of the school, he took out a gun and lit a cigarette. He fired the gun into a concrete area in the stairwell, then walked town to the cafeteria. About 500 students were in the cafeteria waiting for school to begin.

The boy fired another shot into the cafeteria. Brady Olson, a teacher at the school, tackled the boy. Student resource officer Ed McClanahan of the Lacey Police Department stepped in and arrested the boy.

“But for the quick thinking of a staff member and a student resource officer, we could have been having a completely different conversation,” Graham said.

Graham said the teen was already on probation for another crime, but because he is a minor, Graham did not provide details about his criminal history.

Juvenile probation counselor Pete Feliciano said the boy had recently moved to the area from King County. The boy’s parents were present during the hearing but declined to speak.

Office of Assigned Counsel attorney Sharonda Amamilo had asked the judge to set bail at $100,000 so that the boy’s parents could afford to have him released.

“His parents are here; he does have support,” Amamilo said.

The teenager likely will appear at a detention review hearing Monday or Tuesday after the mental health evaluation is completed. Graham said the boy’s bail could be increased or decreased at that time, based on new evidence.

His arraignment was scheduled for May 11.