Summer burglary trend continues in Olympia

Olympia police are still investigating a string of burglaries in the city’s northeast and southeast neighborhoods.

Six residential burglaries were reported in northeast Olympia on Wednesday alone, said Lt. Paul Lower. And in at least four of the cases, burglars entered the homes through open windows.

“It’s beautiful out and we love the fresh air, so we leave our windows open,” Lower said. “But if you’re leaving the house, close it to about 2 inches and lock it.”

In southeast Olympia, near Olympia High School, police have investigated nine residential burglary cases since the end of May. In three of the cases, burglars targeted homes with open garages. In five cases, burglars entered home through open windows or pried windows open. Officials don’t know how the suspect entered the home of the ninth victim.

Lower said suspects have mainly stolen jewelry, loose change and checks.

On July 2, two homes on the 3100 block of Moore Street Southeast were targeted. The suspect stole checks from the first home. The second burglary was interrupted when a resident woke up to find the suspect in his home. The suspect fled.

The Police Department received their best description of a possible suspect June 17, when a neighbor reported seeing a suspicious white man, between the ages of 20 and 30, with long brown hair — at the scene of a duplex burglary. The man reportedly left the scene in a battered-looking silver sedan.

“The best thing people can do is call us when they see a suspicious person,” Lower said. “Be a nosy neighbor and call us when people are lurking around.”

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