31 months in prison for Lacey Christmas Eve stabbing

A 34-year-old Lacey man was sentenced Tuesday to 31 months in prison after pleading guilty to assault and robbery charges related to a Dec. 24, 2014 stabbing.

Joshua O. Kimbrough had previously pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary and second-degree robbery, and was sentenced by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Anne Hirsch.

Kimbrough received a considerably shorter sentence than some of his co-defendants. Both Arrin D. Salter Jr. and Aaron M. Simpson were sentenced in March to eight years in prison. In September, Eric R. Ford was sentenced to five years in prison.

In March, Krista M. Hughes pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary and second-degree robbery, but she hasn’t yet been sentenced.

The other two co-defendants were minors, and their cases were handled in Thurston County Juvenile Court.

Deputy Prosecutor Scott Jackson explained that Kimbrough was the first of the co-defendants to begin cooperating, and played a minimal role in the actual incident.

“He got involved because a friend of his called him to go along and basically repossess a car,” Jackson said.

He said the plan changed considerably when methamphetamine became a factor — with the incident becoming an assault, robbery and burglary.

Court documents give the following account of the incident:

Hughes told Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies that the dispute arose over her car, according to court documents. She said she loaned the car to a friend, who had agreed to pay her. She never received the money, so she asked some friends to help her get the car back.

The group drove to a home on Rumac Drive on Dec. 24 and saw the male victim sitting in the car, Hughes told deputies. She said everyone but her got out of the car, and she eventually heard screaming coming from the home.

She said Ford got back into the car and told her that Salter stabbed the victim, and that Simpson hit him with brass knuckles.

Two residents of the home said two or three men entered and demanded drugs, money and some wrapped Christmas presents.

Hughes and the two juveniles were arrested near the scene. Ford, Simpson, Kimbrough and Salter were arrested later.