Olympia High School Alumni Association to honor longtime principal and two alumni

The Olympia High School Alumni Association has announced three honorees for the year: Don Bunt, a longtime Olympia High School principal; Merry-K Moos, Olympia High School alumna and a retired nursing professor; and Steve Wall, Olympia alumnus and a retired president of the Washington State Association of Community College Administrators.

Don Bunt had a career in education that spanned 40 years. He served as Olympia High School’s principal from 1954 to 1972. His award will be presented posthumously and received by his family members.

Merry-K Moos, who graduated in 1966, is a retired professor at the University of North Carolina, where she conducted research, made gains in women’s health, and served as a project director, a clinical instructor, and a professor for the UNC School of Nursing and Public Health.

Steve Wall, a member of the class of 1963, served as chancellor of Pierce College Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup Community College in addition to the administrators association.

The award winners will be honored on at 7 p.m. June 10 at Olympia High School’s Night of Stars, a scholarship ceremony for graduating seniors.

The Olympia High School Alumni Association’s president Charlie Kirry said presenting the alumni awards at this venue allows students to witness the real-world value of an Olympia High School education.

“There are some really outstanding people that have made some outstanding accomplishments in the world and they came from Olympia High School,” Kirry said. “These students may be motivated to see what life is like down the road, and see what an OHS graduate can do.”

The Alumni Association has been honoring alumni since 2004 — one year after the organization was chartered in 2003. The association typically honors three people per year, with their names then commemorated in the halls of Olympia High School.

The awards process is a juried system according to Kirry. Any Olympia graduate is able to nominate a distinguished alumnus or servant, and the nominations are then reviewed by a committee of Alumni Association members.

“We have quite a number of nominations that are in the hopper that roll from year to year, Kirry said. “If we don’t select them this year, they’ll be under consideration for the next year.”

Kirry said much of the final decision depends on the quality of the nomination.

“Anyone can submit names, but it’s more than that. It’s making a case and writing a recommendation that has plenty of examples, so that when it gets to the committee, they have a pretty good understanding of who this person was and why they should be accepted,” Kirry said.