Cops write a poem about a mile-long trail of marijuana strewn on a California highway

Twitter screen grab
Twitter screen grab

Talk about a buzz kill.

The California Highway Patrol says officers found a mile-long trail of bags stuffed with marijuana on a highway in Oakland on Thursday.

And to memorialize the occasion, the highway patrol shared news of the unlikely discovery in a short poem.

“(Roses) are red, violets are blue, your spilled weed is green & we have a citation just for you,” the department wrote.

Herman Baza, an officer with the California Highway Patrol, told the Bay City News the truck’s gate wasn’t properly fastened.

That caused the bags of weed to tumble onto Highway 880 at around 3 p.m., according to CBS San Francisco.

Police say the breadcrumb trail of marijuana — which is legal in California — led them to the truck on the highway, CBS reported. Police say there were more bags brimming with marijuana in the bed of the truck.

According to The Bay City News, police say “the marijuana was from a legal business, but the driver was cited for driving without a commercial license.”

There were no injuries from the piles of pot, police say, and “much of the marijuana was cleaned,” according to CBS.

The driver of the truck was not identified by police.

A few days earlier, the California Highway Patrol stopped a driver with a ridiculous amount of bags piled on top of his pickup truck, according to The Sacramento Bee.

A driver was pulled over Saturday on Highway 50 for an unsafe load: at least 22 bags of recyclables, California Highway Patrol said. CHP South Sacramento

At least 22 bags were perched atop the truck, which was found on Highway 50 in Sacramento, police say.

Police cited the driver, whom they say was likely transporting the bags of empty cans to a recycling center, the Bee reported.