It’s so hot that Texas constables are asking criminals to stop breaking the law

There’s hot and then there’s law-enforcement-asks-criminals-to-stop-committing-crimes hot. Apparently, Texas is experiencing the latter.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman asked would-be criminals to cool it during hot weather in a Facebook post on Monday.

He asked for all people “planning nefarious activities and those committing crimes out of sheer boredom, to please re-evaluate your life choices and stay indoors.”

Herman provided a few suggestions as to how people could better spend their time, including building a blanket fort and organizing the pantry.

He also cautioned readers to “#HydrateHydrateHydrate.”

The post had been shared more than 1,000 times as of Monday afternoon, and Facebook users seemed to love it.

“Blankets might be too hot for a summer fort, but old sheets do nicely!” one user wrote.

“I guess I’ll halt my plans for world domination for now until the weather cools down....” wrote another.

“I had no plans for any nefarious activity, but I can still use some of your suggestions, right?!?!”

Houston is expected to experience higher-than-usual temperatures that could feel as hot as 112 degrees this week, Reuters reported.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have been asking criminals to suspend their antics amid rising summer temperatures.

Williamson County, Texas, constable Mike Pendley shared a very similar Facebook post, writing that “Mother Nature has come back at us with a vengeance and we must respond accordingly.” He went on to remind residents that this time of year shade is simply “diet sun.”

Malden Police Department in Massachusetts posted a tweet cautioning criminals to stay inside out of the heat. Though they made sure to mention officers are still at the ready: “If you should choose to ignore the friendly advice, officers are ready and staying hydrated.”

Park Forest police in Illinois also canceled criminal activity, writing in a Facebook post that “Today is a perfect day to Netflix and chill, literally, with the air conditioner set to 68 degrees. K? Thx!”

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