Naked burglar asks neighbor for water after getting stuck in chimney, L.A. cops say

Screengrab from KNBC video

Portia Wofford thought she heard strange noises Sunday morning from her neighbor’s home in a Los Angeles neighborhood, so she went to investigate, KNBC reported.

“I just heard a voice out of nowhere saying ‘Hi can you bring me water?’” Wofford said, according to the station. “I said, ‘Yeah I will, where are you?’ Then he said ‘in the chimney.’”

Firefighters rescued the naked man from the chimney of the Ladera Heights home at 8:20 a.m., and police took him into custody, KTLA reported.

“They asked if anybody had a towel,” said witness Leslie Shraifer, KCBS reported. Someone tossed a white towel to the roof and rescuers wrapped the man in it.

The incident began at 7:40 a.m. when a couple in a Culver City residence confronted a naked intruder, KTLA reported. The man fled through backyards, leading to a search by police and sheriff’s deputies with a helicopter, neighbors say.

The naked man hid in the chimney of a home in nearby Ladera Heights, where he soon made himself known to Wofford and other neighbors, KABC reported.

The home’s resident was away at the time, KNBC reported.

“I was just taking (my dog) for a walk, I was walking by the house and hear this ‘help me, they’re trying to kill me,’” said Alan Nelson, KCBS reported.

The man told Wofford he had been drugged by a laced drink, KABC reported.

“I would never run around in front of everybody buck naked,” he told officers, KTLA reported. “I’m not crazy.”

The man, whom police did not identify, faces burglary charges, KNBC reported.

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