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State stops admissions at care home in Centralia

The state Department of Social and Health Services has halted admissions to Olympic Healthcare Services in Centralia and revoked the adult family home's license.

The home, at 802 Atherton Ave. in Centralia, is licensed to Galina Baida.

The department took the action after reporting the following violations: The provider failed to have a qualified resident manager, qualified staff members and negotiated care plans; failed to complete negotiated care plans for five residents; failed to ensure blood glucose testing was done before meals for one resident, ensure one resident had his swallowing issues evaluated and ensure one resident received needed daily living assistance; failed to ensure that caregivers had access to pain relievers and anti-anxiety medications needed by three residents; had expired regular and emergency food items for six residents; failed to ensure six residents had meaningful activities available to them; and repeatedly exceeded the home’s license capacity.