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Dress for the weather — temperatures expected to break records Wednesday

The calendar may not say it’s summer yet, but it sure will feel like it Wednesday.

Temperatures in Olympia are expected to break a daily record Wednesday, hitting 92 degrees, forecasters say. That would be 6 degrees warmer than the June 13 record high of 86 degrees set in 2002.

Cities up and down the West Coast are predicted to set new records — Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Sacramento and San Francisco all have forecasted temperatures nearing triple digits. Building high pressure in the region made its first impact today, as Central California was hit with temperatures higher than 100 degrees in many places. The pressure is working its way north.

The heatwave was preceded by gusty winds along the coast over the weekend.

The combination of wind with hot and dry weather is increasing the possibility of wildfires throughout Washington, and the Department of National Resources is asking the public to take precautions.

“Our firefighters are concerned that we may see more wildfires this week due to rising temperatures and higher wind speeds,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz in a press release. “With 71 percent of our state experiencing drought effects, and no rain forecasted, we all need to be extremely cautious when outdoors.”

The department urges people to:

  • Only build campfires when and where authorized, and put them completely out before leaving;

  • Make sure all off-road vehicles have a properly functioning catalytic converter or approved spark arrester;

  • Dispose of lit smoking materials appropriately;
  • Remember that discharging fireworks or use of incendiary ammunition or exploding targets is illegal on public land.

DNR has already responded to 478 fire calls this year.

According to AccuWeather, temperatures will drop after Wednesday, with highs in the mid-to-high 70s going into the weekend.