Got something to say? We might have a spot for you on the 2019 Board of Contributors

The Olympian’s editorial page is accepting applications for unpaid guest writers to serve on our Board of Contributors for 2019. If you are someone with something to say and can get it down in words, you should get in touch.

The writers who joined the Olympian Board of Contributors early this year is coming to a close, and we’re throwing open the gate for a new team of writers. Our most profound thanks to the 2018 cadre of writers, who were our most diverse group yet.

Board of Contributors members can be state workers, students, issue advocates or neighborhood activists. Members may have a special insight or knowledge, a passion for education, the environment, health care, the economy, or spirituality. The best contributors focus their writing on local issues, or how local events fit into the national and international context. They offer solutions to problems.

Given a chance to write a newspaper column almost every six or eight weeks next year, what would you write about? Are you liberal, conservative, something else? What section of our diverse South Sound community would you represent?

By inviting local writers onto our pages each week, we hope to bring fresh South Sound voices into the community conversation.

We invite readers to send us a self-nomination today. There’s no form to fill out. Here’s how to apply:

  • Write The Olympian a cover letter with information about your educational and occupational background and any relevant ethic background. Tell us why you want to write a newspaper column. Include any particular area of expertise or passion, your political philosophy and mention any writing experience.

  • Provide two writing samples of 500-600 words on current topics.

  • Email your self-nomination letter and writing samples to ddemarest@theolympian.com, putting “Board of Contributors” in the subject line.

We want to hear from you soon. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 3. (It’s a chance to show us you can write on deadline.)