What on earth is wrong with Ramtha? Or is it our era?

JZ Knight
JZ Knight Staff file, 1997

Life got pretty weird a few years ago when Thurston County Democrats were sucking up to J.Z. Knight and raking in political donations from the Yelm-based spirit channeler.

Now it seems we’ve entered a whole new dimension.

You see, the 35,000-year-old warrior, Ramtha — whose spirit Knight channels and speaks on behalf of in front of paying audiences — is now a fan of Republican President Donald J. Trump.

Don’t take it from us. Thank reporter Jim Brunner of The Seattle Times for this nugget of notoriety that Knight shared in video form on the web site of her Ramtha School of Enlightenment. In a “prophetic vision” video from Dec. 8, she/he/Ramtha says, “The greatest misjudgment of character came when you thought a woman should win this race” for president.

This is giving us political whiplash.

Just five years ago, Knight was a generous and controversial donor to Washington state and Thurston County Democrats’ campaigns. During the 2012 campaigns, videos were released publicly by a right-wing think tank that depicted Knight/Ramtha making derogatory comments about Catholics, gays, Jews and Mexicans.

The statements were so hideous that the state and local Democrats actually gave away the campaign contributions. When does that ever happen?

Knight/Ramtha never apologized or stopped giving to Thurston County Democrats — in 2014 and 2016. Meanwhile, her public relations team argued that the videos had been heavily edited and were released in an infringement of copyright laws.

Unfortunately neither Knight nor Ramtha ever said which comments had been edited, fabricated or taken out of context.

When Knight/Ramtha donated more funds to Thurston County Democrats in 2014, the local Democratic leaders were quite glad (if not barking mad) to take the money. The Democrats’ move in effect gave a stamp of normalcy to Knight/Ramtha’s previous, terrible statements. In 2016 the local party leaders accepted more contributions.

Looking back, all of that was weird in an earthly way. This time, the oddities seem to carry us into new dimensions.

According to the Times story, she/he/Ramtha reckons that Trump is special. The prophesy video shows Knight/Ramtha saying (accurately) that Trump paid attention to many who struggle in our society. But Knight/Ramtha also says Trump’s jet may one day get an escort from UFOs.

“And the first time he looks out the window … when he sees two silver disks as escort, he is going to know it all — and this is a man who is not afraid — he is going to know it all,” the voice on the video says.

As in know something we earthlings apparently don’t?

Perhaps Knight/Ramtha is offering a metaphor for our modern age in which truth has flown out the window and any kind of belief can be the truth. Americans did, after all, elect a president who believes lots of conspiracy theories that are not backed up with even a splinter of evidence.

Mr. Trump spins these fables out of whole cloth. Faster than a Gutenberg printed Bibles. Unlike Pinocchio, our fabulist-in-chief suffers no elongation of his nose.

Perhaps when the UFOs come and give Trump the escort that Knight or Ramtha foresees, it’ll all become clearer.

For now it’s clear that Trump’s loving embrace of fables is attractive to other fabulists. Knight and Ramtha are in thrall.