Letters to the Editor

The alliance is wrong about I-732

The problem is, changing over from carbon fuels to cleaner fuels means changing a whole way of life. Converting from single-passenger cars to mass transportation, for example, and from houses warmed by furnaces to houses that don’t need much heat because they are so well insulated. It’s going to be an enormous challenge to adjust the way we live.

It’s true the carbon tax initiative doesn’t have a plan for how to make all the changes, but a single bill couldn’t do that. Could I-732 mandate that all buses be free now? That is probably what we need in the long run.

A lot of needs won’t become evident until later on; we can’t foresee them. Some people have long commutes which will become even more unaffordable, but what exactly should happen here? If we give them more money for gas, they still emit all that CO2, right? Maybe they should adjust their lives (with help) so they don’t have the commutes, or maybe that solar airplane will finally be invented.

Another example: the alliance wants us to start in right now with incentives for more clean energy, but experts are saying the carbon tax alone will be enough incentive. It’s a second guess that might backfire on us.

We can be vigilant and try to solve problems as they come along. But we have to start in on the changeover from carbon fuel to renewables. The alternative is just to stick with carbon fuels. None of us wants that.