Letters to the Editor

I-732 is good public policy and deserves your vote

Many voters feel we face only poor choices in November. But there is one choice we in Washington can make that truly moves us forward in a good direction: Initiative 732, the revenue swap that taxes us when we contribute to global climate change, in exchange for making most everything else we buy cheaper.

Climate change is real, is upon us, and will be visiting increasing problems upon our children and grand-children. Yet nationally, statewide, and in our everyday decisions, we’ve yet to begin re-orienting our priorities to minimize the coming costs, damage, and dislocation.

The best start is to put a price on carbon pollution, thus creating financial, not merely ethical, incentives for us to move toward clean energy. Importantly, I-732 ameliorates the burden of that tax by reducing the sales tax we pay every day.

Put simply, after I-732 becomes law, we’ll pay more for gas and home heating and commensurately less for everything else. That puts the incentives where they should be: making pollution more expensive while decreasing the regressive sales tax. I-732 is thoroughly researched, well-crafted, puts Washington in the vanguard of fighting climate change, and is good for our kids’ future.