Letters to the Editor

Pricing carbon: No time for perfection

Your recent Editorial on I-732 “Tax measure flawed but better than no carbon price,” drove home the point that there is no “perfect” solution, yet no reasonable justification for delay. The editorial also points to the opportunity — and I daresay the obligation — we have as a state to advance our national leadership on climate change.

A price on carbon, whether through I-732, or through a national Fee and Dividend strategy now being proposed to Congress, has broad-based support among many state business leaders, scientists, economists, public officials, social and environmental leaders.

Attaching a price to carbon shifts the social, health and environmental costs onto carbon pollution and polluters, and moves us away from regressive taxes that hurt businesses and working families, especially low-income families. It is a market-based strategy that provides predictability so businesses can adapt to a changing climate and help drive the clean energy economy. Climate science clearly shows that time is not on our side.

Pricing carbon is a practical solution we can implement Now, and it can be fine-tuned to make it even more effective. It has been said “perfection is the enemy of progress.” The advantages of carbon pricing far outweigh the grave risks of inaction. We should move forward and put a price on carbon now, and task the experts with optimizing the technical details.

Contact your representatives and tell them you expect them to support I-732 and national carbon pricing. And vote to do right by our earth, our communities and our children.