Letters to the Editor

Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

In attending First Christian Church of Olympia on Sunday I learned that 200 individuals had sought refuge at our church for the last two days from the impending storm. They came from the streets of Olympia and from the woods throughout the county. Where were the facilities in Olympia for people that needed shelter from the expected horrific storm? Yes, and although most of these came because they were homeless. Whether you were homeless individuals or your home had been damaged it is the cities responsibility to serve those in crises. It was a dangerous time to be in the woods with high winds and the heavy rain. Not only were there adults living in those conditions but some were toddlers and children. There was "no room in the inn" and shame on us.

The faith communities should not have to, on short notice, assume all the responsibility for those in imminent danger. There are many costs involved and 200 people can take its toll on aging church buildings. There should have been cots, supplies, food, water and adequate bathroom facilities provided by the city.

We have driven the homeless into the woods and government has done little about it. Out of sight, Out of mind: But couldn't Olympia City Hall have at least done something to help care for the homeless for two day during this damaging storm? Is anybody there? Does anybody care?