Letters to the Editor

What does the election mean?

The news media missed this election so badly that the consensus of voters started to believe the election was rigged. Because that was not what they were thinking, maybe not saying to the pollsters. The same news media will again make a mistake trying to understand what they failed to understand.

Is it race related? Not the way you think. Four years ago a commentator said this election was the last election to be determined by the white voter. In that election 93 percent of blacks voted for Obama, and 70 percent of Latinos for him as well. That won the election.

What were the white voters doing? They were voting 51-49 on the issues of the day and oblivious to the game that had changed. It took the white voters two years to figure out the rules of the new election game. They did, and we have Donald Trump, even though white voters don’t like him.

Is it race, or prejudice? Not when all the voters vote 51- 49 on the issues.