Letters to the Editor

Americans had clear choice with Trump

Candidate Donald Trump made his positions very clear. That was perhaps the primary thing that his followers said they liked and supported. He spoke plainly. You knew where he stood, what he advocated and, most of all, what his defining characteristics are.

With Hillary Clinton, I was never certain where she really stood or what she would actually do once elected. I understood what she said and advocated. It sounded good. Certainly, inclusion of diverse perspectives, cultures, etc. But, I was frequently suspicious she might have different priorities hidden behind her words.

Having elected Donald Trump president of the United States, we know what we’ll get. Throughout the campaign (and his many prior years as a public media figure) he was clear about his fundamental beliefs and behaviors — hatred, vengeance, racism, selfishness and greed.

American voters, given a choice, elected this man — and his defining characteristics — to be president of the United States. Donald Trump will now represent the U.S. to the world and be the example for America’s youth of what you should aspire to. This is a moral catastrophe for America.

What that says about who we are as Americans is stunning.