Letters to the Editor

The right thanks state super delegates

In The Olympian, Mike Pelly wrote that the super delegates of the Democratic party cost them the election.

I agree. A whopping 74 percent of Democrats in this state voted for Bernie and yet the super delegates ignored the will of the people and sided with Hillary. Clinton was a liar and a person of questionable ethics. Bernie told the truth. Hillary took money from big business and foreign countries. Bernie did neither.

Hillary thought you should vote for her because she was a woman and hated Trump. Bernie had a vision of moving America forward. The DNC cheated on Hillary's behalf trying to discredit Bernie who ran a honest and admirable campaign .

We on the right breathed a sigh of relief when Hillary got the nomination because we knew that Trump could beat her. We also knew, though few would admit it that if Bernie was nominated we would only have a very slim chance. So speaking on behalf of those of us on the right, Thank you super delegates , we couldn't have done it without you.