Letters to the Editor

Frustrated white male liberal

I am a lifelong liberal Democrat. I don’t regret that. Liberalism has been great for America. And its legacy of protecting the little guy is something to genuinely be proud of.

Unfortunately that legacy has metastasized into something horrible. Instead of seeking fairness and engaging in persuasion liberals have become not just belligerent but downright vindictive toward white people, especially white men. And while it is true that white men can be unfathomable jerks so can everybody else. That’s equality, folks. But today liberals will actually say that only white people can be racists. Only men can be sexist. And today the so-called privileged have to obsessively monitor their Ps and Qs if they don’t want to be told what horrible, bigoted people they are. Any push back is greeted with mockery and accusations of hatred.

This has predictably driven a lot of people nuts. Being dismissed and abused will do that. Donald Trump for all his faults addressed genuine concerns. Muslim terrorists are real. Calling people Islamophobes only makes them want to support somebody else. Working Americans have watched their standard of living stagnate at best and are worried. But liberals seem more interested in seeing that the transgendered are allowed to use the restrooms of their choice.

Explaining how liberalism fell as America’s dominant political ideology Patrick Moynihan said, “If you keep excommunicating people the next thing you know you’re surrounded by Protestants."

Nice work, liberals. The Trump presidency is on you.