Letters to the Editor

FBI agent's book has answers

Were you surprised at the election outcome? I was. I was also relieved that the Democratic party was not in power.

Sound like a Republican? Not. I have been reading a book by an former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich, he had been associated with several presidents over a long period. It was the Clinton Administration that prompted him to write this book, “Unlimited Access.” I challenge every person not satisfied with the election results to read at least two chapters in this book, and still feel that the same about the election. I was shocked,

We are having protests across this nation about Trump, what I see on the news media is local politicians fanning the flames to a riot, some protesters not even old enough to vote. What needs to be done is to make decisions based on all the the information, not just what the media and politicians feed you!

I had and still have those negative feelings about Obama. When you have a party that tells us, “We have to pass this health care bill so we can find out whats in it.” Something’s wrong! When all the politicians have the same health care and retirement plan that we are expected to survive under, then that would be an improvement.

A person submitted a letter some time in the past: we sometimes make a choice the lesser of two evils, this year that was a hard choice.