Letters to the Editor

True character shows up post-election

The election is over and those on the left are upset.

Well guess what people, we on the right were upset in 2008 and 2012. We didn’t burn Barack Obama in effigy. We didn’t tell our professors we were too traumatized to attend class or take mid-term exams. We didn’t march down streets blocking major intersections, freeways, or railroads. We didn’t spray-paint buildings, break windows, loot businesses, or set fires and cause massive riots.

We held our tongues and gave your guy a chance. You on the left, the party of “tolerance”, have done all of the above and more. I learned a long time ago that the true mark of ones character is not how they act in victory, but rather how one acts in defeat. By your actions you have shown that you have little, if any, character at all.