Letters to the Editor

Those not caring got Trump elected

White supremacy got Trump elected, but perhaps, not in the way many think. White supremacists and other extremists dominated headlines, but their numbers are small.

They didn’t make him president. Whites who don’t care about white supremacy did.

Most of Trump’s supporters voted for him despite the fact that he says awful things, not because of it. Since racism wasn’t a deal breaker for them, white voters, who once backed Obama, had no problem backing Trump.

Glen Greenwald writes that Obama, our first black president, is poised to leave office as a highly popular president, now viewed more positively than Reagan.

That doesn’t sounds like David Duke’s America. It sounds like a bunch of white people not impacted by white supremacy, not caring about white supremacy.

To quote Doris Lessing: “It’s very interesting what you don’t care about.”

Systems of oppression are all about people not caring.

Passively racist white people are the ones whom anti-racist whites need to critically engage in the coming years. We have to name white supremacy and get white folks who don’t care to care.

We have to see our race and the impact it has on ourselves and others, we have to confront white supremacy and develop a stake in eliminating it.

We have to join the movement for racial justice and commit to an anti-racist framework, so that the next time we have the chance to vote, we are moved by a moral imperative not to vote for the candidate endorsed by the Klan.