Letters to the Editor

Olympia City Council prove to be hypocrites

On Nov. 17, The Olympian published a piece stating that the Olympia City Council passed a resolution that reinforces “Olympia values.” The resolution passed by the council states that the values included in this resolution comprise inclusiveness, commonality, differences, individuality, diversity, compassion, grace, no violence of any kind, diverse faiths, equity, beliefs, grace, respect, open dialogue and diverse cultures.

Sounds real nice, loving and inclusive so far, right? Well, hold on. Toward the end of the “Olympia values” resolution list, the city counsel includes, “we believe our society is more free and safer when reproductive rights (abortion) are respected.” The close of the resolution states, “we seek to live together in a way that nurtures the well-being of all people.”

Suddenly the pretty piece is beginning to sound like political dogma and a social agenda rather than an inclusive, diverse and compassionate declaration “of all people.” Since when did the city of Olympia decide that it was the moral, social and religious conscience of “the people”?

Worst yet, the final point in the resolution that states “we seek to live in a way that nurtures the well-being of all people,” is a lie. If the unborn could speak, might they ask the Olympia City Council where they fit into their compassionate, inclusive, safer, nonviolent and diverse “resolution?”

So council, where is your “grace” and commitment “against violence of any kind” you so boldly state? Naked hypocrites. Shame on you, City Council.