Letters to the Editor

Whose God is on their side

Almost all God-fearing fundamentalist voted for the most unchristian candidate I’ve ever seen. Trump bullied and insulted his opponents, bragged about his sexual predatory practices, praised torture, fueled his rage and rants with made-up facts from the Inquirer and Internet. What would Jesus think of this medieval man?

His supporters endlessly admired a man who bragged about using bankruptcy laws to avoid paying his taxes, a man who constantly had to be taken to court for cheating his creditors and employees. American neo-Nazis would click their heels and sieg-heil-salute him, while the Klu Klux Klan would continually praise him. And all his supporters claimed he made them feel great again.

This man who talked about rigged elections failed to win the popular vote. He has now emptied the swamp and put those evil selfish creatures in his cabinet.

And you want to tell me God is not dead?