Letters to the Editor

Protests are economic censorship

Let me start by saying, I think fracking is a dangerous, destructive process which is harmful to the environment.

However, I do not believe it is constructive to interfere with commerce or have a public figure or town council decide what the Port of Olympia should or should not receive as shipments. We are then making decisions for the recipients of these products, who have previously decided, for whatever reason, to use them. This is a form of economic censorship which the local protesters have no right to do.

I also do not understand the problem with the receiving of military equipment, or the purpose of the protest. This area contains JBLM, the third largest Army base in the country. It is the main jumping off point for the military to Asia. This area also contains extensive facilities for the Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy. We are not going to stop an unfortunate war which has gone on too long by doing this. We are only depriving our military, here and overseas, of needed material to perform their mission..

Last but not least, we as citizens subsidize the Port of Olympia’s operations with our tax dollars. The protesters and critics are increasing this subsidy by putting, off prospective shippers. Let us understand what is happening here and the ramifications of our actions.