Letters to the Editor

Port must listen to citizens, police

Thank you, the Olympian newspaper!

We are glad that you reported on the City of Olympia’s police comments Chief R. Robert’s comments regarding the Port of Olympia.

Many people in the community have gone to the Port of Olympia to give public comments. Most of these comments have been against the Port of Olympia allowing the fracking materials, the oil fracking compounds to be sent through our port, our town.

The executive director, Ed Galligan has pushed to allow these oil fracking compounds through the Port of Olympia, even with the constant complaint of citizens who subsidize the Port of Olympia. He does not listen to the voice of the people of Olympia. Ed Galligan has his own agenda, and it does not fit with the voice of the people of Olympia. We must ask the Port of Olympia Commissioners to get a new executive director. Ed Galligan has to go.