Letters to the Editor

Stop fracking sands shipments

Olympia Police Chief Roberts said to Olympia City Council:

“I’m struggling to understand why the Port is not aligned with our community values we hold so dear… They have choices and options should they choose to use them to eliminate proppants coming to the Port. Continued shipments will only erode more trust of our people and businesses and put our community at risk.”

Citizens have been going to the Port Commission meetings for some time to encourage a change of procedures and products the Port accepts. For the last four months I have gone to meetings in hopes to encourage them to build on success of Squaxin and Nisqually canoe journeys and:

▪  Hire a tribal liaison that might assist them in creating sustainable development projects with local tribes such as windmill or solar panel construction for shipment. Windmill technicians is fastest growing job sector in the US.

▪  To move away from Military shipments, fracking sand (proppant) shipments and the raw log shipments to ship sustainable products.

My requests and the requests of other concerned citizens have fallen on deaf ears from commissioners other than E.J. Zita. The port seems locked into products with hidden costs to our community. I finally asked them to establish a fund to retrain longshore workers in other employment because their decisions are forcing those who care about community public health, safety and welfare to work for closing the marine terminal that is already losing taxpayer monies.