Letters to the Editor

Make refugee camps for homeless Americans

Here’s something I don’t understand. Our country gives bushels of our tax dollars to support foreign refugee camps for people made homeless by war, famine or whatever. Well, why can’t we do the same thing here to help Americans made homeless by injury, loss of employment or whatever? Why do we take better care of homeless, third world people than we do our own citizens?

Most homeless people in this country achieve that status through no fault of their own. The people who ended up homeless from the 2008 economic collapse had nothing to do with the financial shenanigans that brought this about. So why shouldn’t they be as deserving of federal aid as people in war torn, foreign countries?

And to keep the playing field level, legislation should be passed that requires all cities of say 20,000 or more to provide space for homeless encampments. The size of these spaces should be directly proportional to the size of each city’s population, with something like maybe an acre for each 10,000 residents. This would prevent the homeless from accumulating into only the communities that want to help them out which is a fear that I think often prevents the extension of a helping hand.

These homeless encampments should provide RV parking and tenting areas with bathrooms and wash rooms, plus electricity, laundry facilities and access to potable water. Adding in general health care services would only be humane. Helping our own homeless with federal aid should become a national priority.