Letters to the Editor

Don't settle for political pablum

How did we get here? It feels like a midsummer slump. To mix things up the manager put a right center fielder with a ridiculous red hat on the mound. Someone said he had a good arm, but he can’t communicate with infield or get a ball over the plate. Doesn’t matter, the afternoon crowd is drunk and rowdy. They just want to see what will happen.

Can we not accept that politics is inefficient, requires long term thinking, compromise, and hard work? Why do we let things like reproductive rights dictate how we vote. Why are these political issue? Issues are meant to be solved. Political pablum. Give us better choices and let us make decisions we can live with.

Jobs all disappeared in the last eight years- right? I don’t think so. We were buying from Toyota in the seventies. The neighbors generally laughed at such a purchase untill they were on their second Ford LTD and the Toyota was still humming along. Clothing tags change from “Made in the USA “ to India and Bangladesh. Political pablum. Change the market. Buy more American -made and pay more for it.

We are responsible for our lifestyle. Support local markets. Stop getting on the train to Portland. Buy local and pay more for it.

There is more important work for politicians to focus on, our war culture, our intolerance, our mass transit, our education system, our heath care, our homeless. It is a long list and difficult to chew.