Letters to the Editor

Election and results had many clues

Progressive articles reflect a variety of clues about 2016’s disastrous election. Fox News’ fact-free propaganda allegations demonized Hillary. Blue collar workers, who ought to have been retrained for higher-skilled occupations (as Europe and China have done for decades, solar/wind power) felt rudderless.

FBI’s rehashing then withdrawing those negative e-mail claims was done for dramatic effect, helping major networks cash in horrifically, at our expense.

Many males were not yet ready to accept well-prepared female leadership, high-tech, originally sought to educate,has become utterly misused for God-awful things, brainwashing the littlest among us to treat life callously, devoid of empathy.

The media steeped the broader masses into moral decay, intellectual stupor. Celebrity worship created the reprehensible persona of Trump, which half of America accepted, while the other half protests, yearning for accessible health care/higher education, mounring cultural decline, above all that of our one and only environment.

This is no case of “get over it”! Once arable land is paved over, once a tree is cut, recovering from that harm takes decades. Poisoned waters sicken populations. Corporate takeovers (incl. big Pharma) aim to eradicate the many to benefit the few.

PBS stations/King FM 98.1 have helped me retain my equilibrium. We need to develop and know how to feed our souls, by living frugally.

Senseless multiplying, perpetual wars doom our planet to extinction. Remember bullies accuse others of exactly what they themselves are doing (like lying . . .)