Letters to the Editor

Stand for something or submit to anything

I have come to the realization that my ignorance of our governing process has in turn made me apathetic about getting involved. Other than staying informed about current elections and issues that I read about in the paper, I never truly aspired to take an active part of the process.

Furthermore, I have taken for granted that I live next to our state’s Capitol where there is ample opportunity get involved. I recently had the chance to attend a legislative committee meeting, which ignited my desire to be more engaged in our political process and encourage others to do the same.

It is our responsibility as a citizens to be informed about our how government operates and have our voices heard on decisions that affect our way of life. We all have the potential to be change agents, and it starts by getting involved and speaking up.

I encourage everyone to visit our Capitol and attend at least one hearing or committee meeting to see how our representatives make decisions. I challenge you to get involved and have your voice heard. They need to know we are paying close attention to the work they do, and that as citizens we have the power to speak up and be heard.