Letters to the Editor

Baby boomers ignore the young

Look at the “legacies” of the 76 million baby boomers and those who preceded the boomers called the silent generation. While there are good and bad in all generations including those in the boomer and silent, I take issue with the “bad” people in these two.

They have little to no concern for the younger generations. They are super greedy and care more for their profits in Wall Street than all of humanity. Over and over again, I have tried to express to people in these generations about how the younger generations cannot find decent jobs because Wall Street makes most of its profits off “cheap, global labor.” I have even told them of my friends who have committed suicide because for years they could not find family wage jobs. In reply they give me blank, uncaring stares.

When these generations were young, the WWII generation found ways to provide college educations and jobs for the silent and upper age boomers, but when the boomers got their money, they have given us poor leaders like Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump and now we younger people will probably not get the Social Security we have paid for.

To those bad people in the silent and boomer generations: your legacy is greed and every time someone dies of hopelessness, homelessness, and lack of healthcare, I think of you.