Letters to the Editor

Trump's salute to the world

I noted in the Feb. 3 edition of the Olympian that Trump did the following: Threatened to weaken support for a seven-decade alliance between the U.S. and Australia (page 1A); threatened “no federal funds?” to the University of California at Berkeley; defended a U.S Special Operations raid in Yemen that killed civilians, including children; expressed a “lighthearted” threat to Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto that he might send the U.S. military to Mexico because the Mexican military is too scared to deal with their “bad hombres;” told Iran that they were formally “put on notice”; and threatened to “…get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment…” an IRS rule that bars pastors from endorsing political candidates from the pulpit (page 8A).

Whether we agree with these actions or not, I think Trump expressed himself most clearly to the world in his front-page photo of the Feb. 3, edition. When I was in junior high school our response to this one-fingered salute was; “Is that your IQ?” or “Is that the number of friends you have?” and another unprintable analogy. As an adult my response is, “right back at ya big guy.”