Letters to the Editor

Tale of bank robber’s alternative facts

It seems that a certain bank robber was defending himself in court. The judge asked him for witnesses. He called himself.

He said, “Your honor I have some alternative facts. I legally own a 9 mm handgun and have a concealed weapons permit. I went to the bank and at the window I laid my 9 mm on the counter because that day it seemed heavy. I then politely greeted the teller and asked her to please give me all her money and even handed her a bag because of my concern for the environment. She complied willingly with my request; I thanked her and left the bank. As I was driving away from the bank you can imagine my surprise when I was confronted by several police cars with flashing lights. Your honor, those are the alternative facts and why I am not guilty of these charges.”

The bank robber’s story is ludicrous and maybe humorous, but when Mr. Trump and his staff do it the humor dies to dread. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Johnson, and many other leaders have used alternative facts and millions died. When our children use alternative facts we usually give them consequences because we call it lying no matter what government officials call it. Trump and his team lie over and over calling these lies alternative facts. I’m sure Mr. Trump supports it. He used alternative facts daily in his campaign and continues to the present. Mr. Trump lies.