Letters to the Editor

Generations of immigrants built America

I understand that many people are up in arms, agitated and just plain frustrated regarding Trump’s position on immigration, but my personal opinion and ancestry regarding this issue has formed a lasting impression on me.

Nearly 110 years ago my grandfather emigrated here from Sweden when he was in the fourth grade, and when he did, there was no pandering, no empathy and no understanding.

There were also no instructions in Swedish, or an easing into this new country and new language; but he did, and when he grew up he became a sheet metal worker after he became an American citizen. Also, from what I understand the main influx of immigrants were European and/or Scandinavians, ( with the exception of some Asians), but these people of the past are those who built America.

There isn’t a railroad, skyscraper or bridge standing from New York to California that was constructed without them.

If there are haters frustrated about Trump’s stance on foreigners being allowed to live here, they should first ask themselves what those who have been living here have accomplished.

The submarine was invented by an immigrant; one John Phillip Holland, (an Irishman,) and the telephone by Alexander Grahm Bell, a man from Scotland.

All I know is, in my opinion the amount of gangs, crime and drugs, (which appears to be Mexico’s gross national product) have ruined our nation, and wrecked our moral compass.