Letters to the Editor

A positive, not political, story

Right up front; this letter is not political.

Last weekend, Olympian reporter Lisa Pemberton wrote a wonderful Q & A review of Matt de la Pena’s “Last Stop on Market Street.” I was fortunate to check the book out of the Lacey Timberland Library early this week. The messages de la Pena tells in this powerful children’s book (but definitely for adults, too) are: acceptance, appreciation of differences, multi-generational respect and understanding, enjoying your neighborhood — wherever that may be — and love.

Okay, maybe this note is political: The aforementioned characteristics might be some spot-on pursuits for several national politicians. My wife and I can only hope and pray. Maybe I’ll buy 30 copies of “Last Stop...” when de la Pena comes to Lacey on Feb. 16 and send them to select addresses in the other Washington.