Letters to the Editor

Free “mail” delivery of ballot

Mr.Kunkel, there are several places that you can drop off your “mail in ballot” that will not cost you the price of a stamp.

In Lacey, there is a drop box outside the post office and another in front of city hall. I am sure there are several others in the county.

The mail in ballot is a convenient courtesy the state provides. I am dismayed by your bullying tactics toward “suing” the attorney general for requiring a stamp. Personally, I do not want to subsidize you with my tax dollar (for the price of a stamp?!) because you don’t want to drop off your completed ballot in a box that I am sure you are driving past numerous times during the voting period.

I also would resent tax payer money being spent by the attorney general to argue the state’s position if you decide to sue because you have decided a postage stamp is a “tax” on voting. Be thankful that you are an American with the right to vote, and cough up the price of a stamp or use one of several options offered to you for voting. Perhaps you will even volunteer at a voting station on election day.