Letters to the Editor

Proud to be a Washingtonian

This is in response to Steve Rosenoff's letter, Feb. 11. I'm sorry to read that you are so afraid and that you are embarrassed to be a Washingtonian, believing your rights have less value than those of immigrants.

If any government is betraying us, it is 45 and his administration pushing fear and telling untruths. The current vetting process of those wishing to come into this country is much more extensive than applying for a job and definitely more extensive than the background checking process one goes through to own a gun. In addition, to date there has been no evidence immigrants from the seven countries targeted in the executive order have carried out terrorist activity on American soil or toward American citizens.

I, for one, am proud that our state and attorney general have lead the way in protecting the US Constitution and will proudly fly the flag of Washington.