Letters to the Editor

Your vote is worth a stamp, or some gas

I just read the ridiculous threat presented in a Feb 10 letter in this paper by DK of Olympia. He is bothered to the point of initiating a court challenge because he has to put a stamp on his mail-in ballot.

He doesn't have to mail. He can deliver his precious ballot to one of several dozen drop-off boxes in the area. But perhaps he'd like taxpayers to pay for his gas too. How much did it cost in gas when he went to his polling place? More than a stamp, I am sure..

I was bothered when I recently read Lacey is considering including a postage-paid return ballot envelope to encourage better returns. If a citizen will not invest in a stamp to vote, I contend their voice does not need to be heard. If you can't afford the stamp, or a quart of gas, walk to a drop-off location.

And stop with the tiresome banter threatening legal action. That just might cost you more than a stamp. It is a course too often followed.

The price of freedom and the value of a vote...apparently to D.K. of Olympia, it is not worth the cost of a stamp.