Letters to the Editor

Climate change: We're in this together

On Feb. 9, the Olympian published Gabe Miller’s compelling article about our state’s dying sport fishing industry. He notes that the warming climate has caused a freefall drop in sport fishing and in the jobs that depend on it.

Like it or not, the sport fishing industry has been tossed into the climate change fight alongside climate activists. Meanwhile, many sport fishers have legislators who decry climate activists as “Sinful Seattleites.” With fervor that echoes the evangelical, these legislators proclaim that insidious “urbanites” kill local jobs and threaten the “good ole” rural way of life. Such legislators proclaim that they are small time local folk, just like the farmers, fishermen and small business owners they represent.

The sport fishing industry might reach out to its supporters in these rural areas and let them know who contributes to their legislators’ campaigns. A quick search on pdc.wa.gov, “candidate “, “legislator”, “year,” shows that some of the legislators who represent sport fishers get funds from world-wide fossil fuel conglomerates. Most likely, these are the very companies that contribute to the climate change that is killing sport fishing and the jobs that depend on it. It is time for sport fishers and dependent industries to “follow the money” and vote for those who will truly represent their interests.