Letters to the Editor

Column on sport fishing missed opportunity

As an avid salmon fisherman, I started reading Gabe Miller’s editorial on “Sport Fishing industry in peril in Pacific Northwest,” because I too am very concerned about sport fishing, both personally and from a cultural and economic standpoint.

As I read about the reasons mentioned for low salmon returns, such as warm temperatures, low rainfall and the “blob” off the coast, I was heartened by the idea that the sport fishing industry was going use its economic weight politically on the need to address the causes and impacts of climate change.

Instead, the remainder of the article was devoted to the need for a better process for reaching allocation agreements and concerns about the cost of licenses. I appreciate those concerns, but if there are no harvestable salmon, those concerns are irrelevant.

Mr. Miller’s priorities are misguided. In his position with Sportco and Farwest Sports, he should be leading anglers and the fishing industry to fight to reduce use of fossil fuels, or there will be no fishing industry. 100 percent of no fish is nothing. That is an impact that will be devastating.